Understanding the cost of web development

I’m going to get you online in a snap

A basic web package begins at just $475.

What that basic package includes; is the time it takes for our initial discussion and all follow-up communication (writing emails, phone calls, etc). It also includes the time it will take to consult with you about your hosting plan, URL, and getting all the pertinent details on how to connect to your hosting account. That last piece often takes days to complete.

If you already have a logo and colors you want to represent your business you’ll need to provide those to me so that I can base template recommendations on what you already have. At this price point choosing the right template is important because I won’t be making any big customizations to the template or fonts – what you see is what you’re going to get.

Once we’ve agreed on a template, I have to begin the install process for WordPress, the theme and basic plug-ins you’ll need along with configuring them to work as discussed. If this is a new URL I’ll also set up your email account.

I’ll create your basic pages and paste the copy you provide to me into those, then arrange your menu.

I’ll need to know what Social Media channels you want to connect to your site, this package does include an image search so that a few professional images can be included on your landing page.

You’ll get to test drive the site and provide me a list of any revisions (changes or tweaks) you’d like. Once we’re done with those we can do an online training session so you can learn how to make changes to your site going forward.

All of that takes between 20 and 30 hours of work depending upon how prepared you are.

I understand that the pricing on a customized site, a site that requires custom templates, or sites falling into the ecommerce category, seem very expensive in comparison. Those sites require more development time, sometimes a lot more, and that’s why they’re more expensive.