Do you have an event you’d like to advertise? A wedding to plan and celebrate? How about a blog to document your baby’s first years? Or, maybe you’re a new business, artist, or entertainer and you don’t have a lot of content, or money to publish a big site but need a website for advertising. I can help you with that!

This solution can be launched in as little as 10 days if you’re willing to do a little homework. Using mobile-ready themes/templates and your content, I’ll build and launch your small business website with your existing branding. I’ll help you pick a basic template that will provide you with a great base foundation.

Brochure Basic Package

Here’s the outline of the process and expectations, for the basics to get you online and looking good.

Web Planner + Information Dump = Design Brief
You’ll need to provide me your goals for the site, and any information you’d like to have published when the site launches. From there I’ll figure out the sitemap, and choose some themes that will suit your needs, all of this information will go into a design brief for your review and approval. Any additional “homework” will be assigned to you at that time – homework usually means I’ll ask you to write additional page content for your site, provide me with links to social media, or sharing any images you need on the site.

Hosting + WordPress Install + Theme & Plugins = A Functional Site
Once you’ve approved of the brief, timeline, and committed to your homework we’ll need to find your new website a home. I will assist you in securing your web address and hosting (your cost varies by host and hosting package chosen). Then I’ll do the WordPress installation, setup on your host, and one email address. Install recommended Plug-ins, and a theme that suits your Brand.

Your content + Images = Personalizing Your Site
The next step involves setting up your front page, creating a secure contact form, your blog feed, menus, and a simple media gallery. Basic setup of sidebar & footers and, depending upon the theme you choose, you may have the option to link to your favorite social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, etc. You’ll get all standard features of an affordable, template-based, quick-Launch site. I’ll also include up to two quality stock images if needed for page banners. If requested, I can add social media sharing buttons to make it easier for others to share your site.

Review + Change Request + Extras = Your New Website
At this point I’ll ask you to take a few days to “test drive” your site; In return you’ll need to provide me with a bullet list of any changes you’d like made, once that list is completed I’ll provide you with your CMS training session. That’s RIGHT! I’m going to provide you with ONE (one time) 1-2 hour Content Management training session online via Google Hangouts. I’m going teach you on how to make edits to your website, so you can make the changes as often as you need to and keep your content fresh and exciting.

Also included: Tips document to keep your content fresh, tutorial on how to create additional email addresses, and details on how to manage your Sidebar and Footer areas.


2-4 Weeks

Est. Cost



2 Openings August 2017

Take your website to the next level with additional features and services: Customized logo and branding, SEO training and support, animated sliders, event calendars, an ongoing maintenance contract, and more.