WordPress WebCare Packges

Let me keep your site safe and secure.

Once your website is up there are technical and security tasks that you may not have the time or technical skill to take care of yourself.

Maintenance Package Options

A WordPress web maintenance agreement can help ensure your site is backed up regularly, that the WordPress core, theme, and plug-in software are kept up-to-date, that the site continues to be secure, and to look and work great across browsers and devices. You may also appreciate knowing there’s someone to call if you need support for complex updates, simple graphics, or don’t want to spend time using Google to find the answers to your maintenance questions.

Choose either a monthly or a quarterly plan

Both plans offer the same basic maintenance services. The monthly plan is for websites that have content which is updated weekly or even daily with multiple blog entries and several features/plugins. The quarterly plan is for websites that have content which is updated less frequently and general maintenance is needed only a few times a year.

Care Package Agreement Cost & Payment

The maintenance plan fee covers the time it takes to make the scheduled backups, updates, review, and fixes. The complimentary time I offer is not-billable, if you do not use this time during the scheduled maintenance period, there will still be 1 hour in the following period. Complimentary time does not roll over or accumulate if it’s not used.

All services are billed annually with a 1-year agreement, payment for annual plans are due before service begins. *Every completed WordPress site in 2020 will be eligible to receive a 40% discount on their first year of WordPress WebCare Maintenance, if the payment is received by January 15, 2021.

Web Care Package Included Services

The files are zipped and stored securely on Google Drive. You’ll receive the download link with your monthly or quarterly report.

After the backup is completed the Core WordPress software will be updated to the most current version supporting the security and integrity of your site.

Themes contain the code that controls how your site looks and functions. This code is updated regularly to stay in sync with the WordPress Core.  As updates are made to the core software and plugins, I’ll ensure the changes don’t effect the look or function of the site.
Plugins are pieces of code that add functionality to your site, like a newsletter signup or a slider. The plugin files are often updated as the core is updated to ensure site security, I’ll apply these updates to the site and test to ensure compatibility.

After the updates are completed I’ll review the site in the top 4 Browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and the top mobile devices Android, iPhone, iPad.

The web is constantly changing and evolving so I’ll run regular performance tests and troubleshoot if needed. I’ll also check to make sure that there are no dead links on your site and resolve any issues that pop up.

This review checks for incorrect file / directory permissions processed by the web server. Common examples would be 404 pages (page not found) or missing image files.

If you have Commenting on your site I’ll review comments for any spam and delete where necessary.

I’ll answer questions for your site maintainer related to site use, administration and functionality. I’ll also provide up to 1 hour of update or graphic creation support time.

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