Print: Branding

As a team the Marketing staff at ENVIRON developed corporate style and identity standards and ensured that design integrity was maintained on all projects based upon these standards. A full suite of MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite templates were created to support this initiative.

A4 Brochure

Over-sized marketing Brochure, final piece printed on 4-color digital press.

Print-on-demand Marketing Sheets

These Marketing sheets were created to allow maximum flexibility in distribution. Frequently updated resumes were stored as MS Word files, with PDFs available to email to clients. Services, Locations and other pages needed for client meetings could be printed in the local offices from Word or PDF. Mass produced sheets going to conferences could be prepared in InDesign and printed professionally.

Single Page Technical Flier

One Page Flier provided to internal client in both PDF format (high and low resolution) for printing or emailing on demand.


This newsletter was developed to be read online. It was published in PDF format to the corporate website, subscribers were sent HTML emails inviting them to view the latest issue.

Logo Design: Various

The Hot House Variety logo took inspiration for it’s name and logo from the historic Richmond, Virginia, Jackson Ward firehouse home of Gallery5. This RVA production company focus was on raising funds for the landmark building.

For Games, Hobbies & More, the logo development process relied heavily on the store front, location and signage requirements. This logo needed to allow for high visibility from the street and work well for the electronic store front.