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The CarMax Intranet was a blank canvas when I joined the Interactive Creative Team, a site consisting of 2 pages, and a weekly news archive, sans branding or templates. Working within the Lotus Notes/Domino environment I designed and developed the CarMax Intranet. This included a site of nearly 100 pages – most hand-coded in HTML, and more than a dozen sub-forms to provide “widgets” for common i.e. menu’s and footers.

This project included meeting and interacting with all levels of Users and Clients, from store Sales Associates to Directors and above. Much of my time was spent helping to educate our Clients about what an Intranet could provide to our Users, and exploring how technology, limited by our standard browser requirements, could best serve our needs. In all I managed a variety of projects including developing single page support for our Accounting department, to highly sensitive projects in coordination with Legal and HR, to time-sensitive pages supporting in-store Sales contests.

features_inworld_fullIn 2014 I worked with our IT department and vendors to stand up a demo site in IBM Websphere to text it’s ability to serve our Associates.

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