eCommerce Site Redesign

My client had a website that was old, not responsive, not SEO friendly, and not maintainable without developer support.


I built a new site in WordPress with WooCommerce that is responsive, SEO friendly, with a shop that’s easy for him to update. The site will also support his plans to grow into an Amazon supplier, to begin advertising across social media channels, and will allow customers to easily share the site with stakeholders in fundraising activities.

One of the challenges of this site redesign, and for that matter any ecommerce site, is the need for high quality product images. Upgrading photography across all products can be time intensive and expensive. This site was designed to readily support an ongoing evolution of the product images. Work will continue on the site as more photography becomes available; you cannot overestimate the importance of photography to the success of your website.

With the easy to use customizer forms we expect the site to support growth across the business.