Hi, I’m Suanne a Marketing + Web Professional, and I’m the creator of BriteSide Web Design my creative services studio in Houston, Texas.

I love WordPress, I’ve been building websites since 1995 and I’ve worked in, and with, Marketing Communications teams for many of those years; That experience allows me to produce high-quality websites with exceptional user experiences.

Web sites only exist to provide information to potential customers, something those technical only “web guys” sometimes forget. I believe a site is more than just high-tech and pretty. It needs to be organized, and clearly direct customers to where you need them to go.

My focus on your brand and marketing strategy reduces the potential for missed opportunities. And, all my time spent in branding, print, and presentation design means that I’m always thinking about the usefulness of each piece of the final product, and how it fits your business as a whole.

I’ve gained my experience at both large and small companies including: CarMax, Capital One, SEGA of America, ENVIRON, and Snagajob.