Welcome to the BriteSide

because your business deserves to be in the spotlight!

Your passion is probably your business.

You know what? Mine too.

My business is really about helping people to pursue their dreams, your passion is probably something different and just as cool and interesting. I'm guessing you're here because you need a website.

I've been doing web development, marketing & branding for over 20 years —The BriteSide allows me to do what I do well for you (individuals, non-profits, and small-businesses) helping your business to grow by creating a great website and internet presence. Take a peek at some of the services I offer.

WordPress Websites Starting at $475*

*When you need a website fast, or don’t have the budget for a customized project, I've got a solution that can get you launched in less than two weeks.

Beyond a basic website your cost can vary pretty widely based on your requirements; Let's talk and figure out what you need so I can give you a flat-rate price that's fair to us both.

SEO & SMO Consulting

What does that even mean? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, means making certain your site is registered with the major search engines, and then editing the content on your website to include keywords which helps search engines know when to show your site in search results.

SMO, or Social Media Optimization, means I'll do an audit of your social media, then give you suggestions to help build traffic to your website, or how best to go about using social media for advertising.

Social media is about thoughtful details

Social Media Presence

Social Media can play a big part in your marketing, particularly if you're a "local brand". I will help you choose the social media channel(s) that will work best for you, get them setup and connected to your website, develop branded images, help develop a list of focused messages that match you website, and then coach you on managing your online presence.